In Case You Missed MIX…

If you were unable to attend MIX 2009, you’ll be pleased to know that the videos of sessions are already appearing online:

Here are the links to the videos of sessions I had previously mentioned:

What’s New in Microsoft Silverlight 3
:  Joe Stegman (Microsoft)

Microsoft Silverlight Media End-to-End
:  Alex Zambelli (Microsoft)

Creating Media Content for Microsoft Silverlight Using Microsoft Expression Encoder
:  James Clarke (Microsoft)

Delivering Media with Microsoft Internet Information Services 7 (IIS) Media Services and Microsoft Silverlight
:  John Bocharov (Microsoft), John Bishop (Inlet)

About Alex Zambelli

Alex is a Senior Product Manager at Hulu in Seattle, WA. Prior to his current job he was a Product Manager at iStreamPlanet (Turner) and Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Media Platform at Microsoft Corporation. He specializes in video streaming, adaptive HTTP streaming, video compression, and video processing best practices.
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12 Responses to In Case You Missed MIX…

  1. Thank you for making these presentations available. I watched your presentation and have a few questions on silverlight playback and media encoding:

    1. Will you be able to set the Playback Speed for the media in silverlight. This is fairly critical to a large number of people be it students or professionals – they are always trying to save time when watching a video. Playing back a video at 1.4 to 1.6 times is not uncommon these days.

    2. What kind of support will DirectShow have to create smooth streaming content? Specifically
    a. Will Microsoft provide a MP4 Writer Filter?
    b. Will Microsoft provide H.264 encoder/decoder filter?
    c. If so, what time frame would this be available

    3. You mentioned that Live Smooth Streaming with the IIS Media Services is available in Beta but there is no Encoder support and are you are working with vendors to provide the support. Does that mean that for live streaming you will need to be one of the third party vendors and will not be able to use DirectShow and/or Expression Encoder for live content?


    • Hi Dharmesh,

      1. Good question. So called “trick play” is still not available natively in Silverlight 3 runtime, but we’re currently investigating possible workarounds to make this work for Smooth Streaming at least. We have some flexibility there because Smooth Streaming sources play back through the MediaStreamSource API which allows sample-level control, but we’ll see.

      a. We are working on SDKs that would provide ISVs with an easy way of creating Smooth Streaming-compatible MP4 files, but I don’t have anything to announce yet regarding general availability. These SDKs would operate on a lower level than DirectShow (most likely as static libs) so it’d be up to the developer to wrap them into a DirectShow filter.
      b. Windows 7 will include a H.264 decoder, but it will be in the form of an MFT (Media Foundation Transform), not a DirectShow filter. I don’t know it there will be an encoder counterpart MFT.

      3. Our priority is to first enable 3rd party ISVs to add Smooth Streaming support to their products in order to start building a healthy Smooth Streaming ecosystem. After that we will start looking at what we can do to make Smooth Streaming SDKs and tools more accessible to the wider development community. We have limited resources so we must prioritize accordingly. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the Smooth Streaming technology is still in beta. Even the format specification hasn’t been fully stabilized yet so that’s one of the major reasons why we’re currently working with a limited number of encoding ISV partners

  2. Hi Alex,

    Once again thank you for the information provided. The information will help us with our engineering effort.

    Your last answer to was particularly interesting and I’m wondering if you can point me in the right direction to get us going as an ISV.

    Our product, plays back video with synchronized slides and currently uses Silverlight to playback video for cross platform support. However, we’re in the process of using silverlight applications to create richer experience for playback.

    In addition we have the encoding side that is deployed on our hardware and uses DirectShow to encode media and capture slides from a VGA/DVI source. We use Windows Media Services to distribute media and are all excited with the prospect of using IIS for obvious reasons that you explain in your presentation.

    I can share more information with you and point you to some of our work over personal mail.(Oh and I guarantee you’ll find these applications exciting like some of the applications you demonstrated as part of your MIX presentation :-)). BTW, we are a Microsoft Partner.


    • Yes, I’m definitely interested in continuing this conversation. I will send you an e-mail to the address you listed in your comment form.

  3. Damon Carr says:

    Hi! I recently got a nice Silverlight 3 Adobe Video format player (with hardware acceleration) up. Check out:

    I also am now working with one of the featured digital media companies features at MIX 09. I am certainly looking forward to all the amazing opportunity I see unfolding.

    Damon Wilder Carr

    • Hi Damon!

      Thanks for the link, this is cool stuff. Can you clarify, however, what specifically you mean by “Adobe Video”? H.264/AAC in a F4V file? H.263/MP3 in a FLV file? Are you using any custom built decoders?

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  6. George Jacob says:

    Hai Dharmesh Sampat,
    Iam interested in your silverlight application.
    Could you share the sample code with me..
    id:[email protected]

  7. john locke says:

    What is the best media player?

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