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Alex is a Product Manager at Discovery in Bellevue, WA. Prior to his current job he was a Product Manager at Hulu and iStreamPlanet (Turner), and Technical Evangelist for media technologies at Microsoft. He has been professionally involved with development of digital video and streaming technologies since 2002.

Publicly and Freely Available MPEG Standards

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you needed access to MPEG standards, you probably discovered very quickly that they’re not easy to get. Standards created by MPEG working groups are published by ISO/IEC and the vast majority of … Continue reading

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Low Video Resolutions in Per-Title Adaptive Encoding

Jan Ozer, producer of Streaming Learning Center courses and contributing editor of Streaming Media magazine, reached out to me recently with an interesting question: If using per-title video encoding (or any other multi-bitrate encoding approach where resolutions are dynamically determined … Continue reading

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SCTE-35: In-Band Event Signaling For Live OTT

I recently did a talk about SCTE-35 at the local Seattle Video Tech Meetup. If you’re interested in a basic overview of the SCTE-35 standard for in-band event signaling in live streams, here’s the slide deck: PDF download: SCTE-35 In-Band … Continue reading

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Understanding HLS Versions and Client Compatibility

HTTP Live Streaming protocol, better known as HLS, was originally created by Apple for the launch of iPhone 3. Since its original introduction in 2009, Apple has maintained the official HLS protocol specification as an informational IETF Internet Draft, updating … Continue reading

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Understanding Latency in HTTP-based Adaptive Streaming

Jan Ozer of Streaming Media magazine contacted me recently with a simple question about Smooth Streaming and HLS latency… and I provided a more elaborate reply than he perhaps anticipated. Here is my response in its entirety, for your reading … Continue reading

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Partying Like It’s 2007

I promise to do a better job in 2015 of posting to this blog more frequently. 🙂 In the meantime you can find me on Twitter, where I will be posting and sharing content relevant to streaming media technologies. I am @zambelli24fps.

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Musings On the Future of Live Linear Television

I’ve written an article for The Guardian’s media network blog about current trends in TV content distribution, how they’re affecting our viewing habits, and how ultimately those will affect the future of live linear TV. You can read it here: … Continue reading

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Baptism of Fire in the Olympic Cauldron

The Olympics are upon us – again! Even though the ancient Greeks set the Olympic schedule 4 years apart (in fact, the literal definition of an Olympiad is “4 years”), the modern Olympics since 1992 have been only 2 years … Continue reading

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Introducing iStreamPlanet Aventus

As I glance at my blog I realize it’s been 7 months since my last post, which is probably as good of a sign as any that I should probably finally tell you a little bit about what I’ve been up … Continue reading

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H.265/HEVC Ratification and 4K Video Streaming

OK, so maybe it was a shorter break from blogging than I expected. As it turns out the world does not stop when I change jobs. 😉 The media world today is abuzz with news of H.265/HEVC approval by the … Continue reading

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