Windows Azure Media Services Preview Launched!

I’ve been holding back this post for about two weeks now, wanting to make sure the service got rolled out to all major Windows Azure datacenters first, but here it is now:

Windows Azure Media Services Preview has been launched! The new media-focused cloud services recently announced at NAB have been deployed to Windows Azure datacenters in US-East, North Europe, West Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, with more datacenters to follow in the weeks to come.

Anyone interested in cloud-based media services can request access by following these instructions, but keep in mind all requests have to be approved by the WAMS product team as this is still a Preview release.


The Preview release of Media Services supports:

  • Encoding with Windows Azure Media Encoder (aka Expression Encoder 4 SP2)
  • Format conversion (remuxing) from MP4 to Smooth Streaming and from Smooth Streaming to Apple HLS
  • Content Protection with Microsoft PlayReady
  • On-Demand Smooth Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming
  • Scalable delivery via Azure CDN or 3rd party CDN

For a full list of features in this release, check out the Media Services Feature Status: Preview Release.

Documentation and Support

How-To Guides:
MSDN Documentation:
Release Notes:
Windows Azure Media Services Forum:


About Alex Zambelli

Alex is a Product Manager at Discovery in Bellevue, WA. Prior to his current job he was a Product Manager at Hulu and iStreamPlanet (Turner), and Technical Evangelist for media technologies at Microsoft. He has been professionally involved with development of digital video and streaming technologies since 2002.
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