SMF 2.5 with 3D video support coming soon

Bob Cowherd from Vertigo Software has put together a nice blog post about one of the cool new features going into SMF 2.5:  stereoscopic 3D video support. We will ship SMF with a sample red-cyan anaglyph plugin, while NVIDIA will provide a plugin for their 3D Vision active shutter solution.

We will be announcing all the details at MIX and NAB next month, so stay tuned for more exciting news, including some framework name changes too. 😉

About Alex Zambelli

Alex is a Principal Product Manager at Hulu in Seattle, WA. Prior to his current job he was a Product Manager at iStreamPlanet (Turner) and Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Media Platform at Microsoft Corporation. He specializes in video streaming, adaptive HTTP streaming, video compression, and video processing best practices.
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