Transcoding 101 Roundtable, MIX 2011 and NAB 2011

A bit of shameless promotion:

On Thursday, March 24th, I’ll be participating in a roundtable web event titled “Transcoding Methodology 101” hosted by Streaming Media. Joining me will be Kevin Louden (Telestream), Charlie Good (Wowza) and Jon Robbins (Rhozet). The live event is scheduled to start at 11 am Pacific Time.

You can register for the web event here:


Microsoft’s annual web developer/designer conference MIX is taking place the same week as the annual NAB show this year – also in Las Vegas. MIX 2011 is taking place April 12-14 at the Mandalay Bay hotel, while NAB 2011 is happening April 11-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Microsoft’s media platform will be represented at both events, and I will be present at both too.

Here is the current list of MIX sessions:

I will be presenting a session titled “Introducing Microsoft Media Platform” in which I will give an overview of Microsoft’s media technologies and frameworks and recent releases. Other noteworthy media related sessions will be:

“Introducing MMP Content Manager” by Steven R. Woodward (Microsoft)
“MMP Video Editor” by Jason Suess (Microsoft)
“MMP Player Framework: Past, Present, Future” by Tim Greenfield (Vertigo Software)
“Introducing MMP Audience Insight” by Eric Schmidt (Microsoft)
“Behind the Scenes of Channel 9 Live at MIX” by Nic Fillingham (Microsoft)
“5 Things You Need To Know To Start Using <video> and <audio> Today” by Nigel Parker (Microsoft)

It’s not too late to register for MIX 2011! Visit and register today!

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Alex is a Product Manager at Discovery in Bellevue, WA. Prior to his current job he was a Product Manager at Hulu and iStreamPlanet (Turner), and Technical Evangelist for media technologies at Microsoft. He has been professionally involved with development of digital video and streaming technologies since 2002.
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