Smooth Streaming White Paper

I know that many of you have been reading my blog for information about IIS Smooth Streaming. I’ve posted a series of posts on that topic, but sometimes blog posts can be difficult to aggregate. So if you’re looking for a single, one-stop-shop for information about Smooth Streaming, you can now download a white paper on Smooth Streaming that unifies all that information I’ve been posting in a single doc:

The white paper is available in Word, PDF and XPS formats.

About Alex Zambelli

Alex is a Senior Product Manager at Hulu in Seattle, WA. Prior to his current job he was a Product Manager at iStreamPlanet (Turner) and Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Media Platform at Microsoft Corporation. He specializes in video streaming, adaptive HTTP streaming, video compression, and video processing best practices.
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6 Responses to Smooth Streaming White Paper

  1. James Clarke says:

    Great to see the white paper. Hope you are working hard on the book 🙂

  2. Philipp says:

    Please release a command line LIVE encoder that works like WMCmd.vbs and supports smooth streaming!

  3. Angelo says:

    Was wondering if live smooth streaming can support script streams (like WM Encoder 9) to broadcast live informations directly to clients.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. @Philipp:
    Expression Encoder will likely include support for live Smooth Streaming at some point in the future.

    Yes, there are provisions in the Smooth Streaming file & manifest format specification that allow marker and script command insertion.

  5. Mathieu says:

    Great Job with your blog!

    I’m wondering, will smooth streaming support wmv9?

    • VC-1 Main Profile, you mean? No, only Advanced Profile, as it requires transport independence, sequence headers with entry points, closed GOPs, etc – all features only available in AP.