DNC powered by Silverlight and Move

After all the Olympics madness I nearly forgot the “other” big Silverlight video event happening right now: The Democratic National Convention.

Check it out at:


The DNC website is providing live streaming HD video coverage of the convention using Silverlight 2 Beta 2 and Move Networks plugins. This is a great example of Move providing their own adaptive streaming technology and integrating it with Silverlight. I don’t have the exact encoding specs available, but it looks like video is being streamed in true HD – at least 720p in full screen, as far as I can tell. It’s really amazing video quality – and it’s live!

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Alex is a Senior Product Manager at Hulu in Seattle, WA. Prior to his current job he was a Product Manager at iStreamPlanet (Turner) and Technical Evangelist for Microsoft Media Platform at Microsoft Corporation. He specializes in video streaming, adaptive HTTP streaming, video compression, and video processing best practices.
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