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SCTE-35: In-Band Event Signaling For Live OTT

I recently did a talk about SCTE-35 at the local Seattle Video Tech Meetup. If you’re interested in a basic overview of the SCTE-35 standard for in-band event signaling in live streams, here’s the slide deck: PDF download: SCTE-35 In-Band … Continue reading

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Understanding HLS Versions and Client Compatibility

HTTP Live Streaming protocol, better known as HLS, was originally created by Apple for the launch of iPhone 3. Since its original introduction in 2009, Apple has maintained the official HLS protocol specification as an informational IETF Internet Draft, updating … Continue reading

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Understanding Latency in HTTP-based Adaptive Streaming

Jan Ozer of Streaming Media magazine contacted me recently with a simple question about Smooth Streaming and HLS latency… and I provided a more elaborate reply than he perhaps anticipated. Here is my response in its entirety, for your reading … Continue reading

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